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Monday, June 13, 2011

SteriPEN Adventurer


Wow! The SteriPEN was just impressive. I have known about the technology for a while but have been leery about depending my life on it until this last trip. Bottom line? GET ONE!
This mini light saber is a backpackers dream. It purifies everything but doesn't remove contaminants. For heavy metals or chemicals one would need a filter. As far as sediment in the water we simply ran the water through a bandana and it was fine. The pen was also easy to use; I would even say it is foolproof. We got about 50 Nalgene bottles of good water from a new set of batteries. When the batteries get low the pen handle flashes red.

I know there are other brands out there but we didn't consider them. The SteriPen Traveler takes AA batteries and can be used upside down in many bottles. It also lasts longer than the Adventurer with lithium batteries but is heavier.
Got Specs:
Weight:              103g (3.6 oz) with batteries.
Size:                    15.5cm. (6.1in.) x 3.3cm. (1.5in.) x 2.2cm. (1.0in.)
Battery:              Two CR123 batteries (included)
Battery life:        Disposable -- 100 0.5L (16oz) treatments 
UV Lamp Life:    8,000 treatments

What Wins:
  1. I hate pumping water four times a day! This is fast, light and easy to use.
  2. No dysentery!
 What Fails:
  1. Not much to complain about. Maybe the price, about $90.
  2. The Adventure model takes CR123 batteries. These are expensive and can be hard to find. The Traveler takes AA.
  3. The Adventure model does not have the rubber stopper which is on the Traveler model. This means you cannot plug a standard water bottle (not Nalgene), turn it upside down and swirl.
  1. Well, it has a built in flashlight. I didn’t use that once...
Other notes:
  1. Did I mention that I hate pumping water all the time?
  2. As with any electronic device you should have an analog backup (e.g. water purification tablets or the ability to boil).

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