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Sunday, December 30, 2012

TOAKS Titanium 750ml Pot


I'm completely satisfied and would highly recommend the TOAKS mug/pot (although I wish they kept the long cover) and feel it is an improvement over previous distributors.

I'm quite sure TOAKS doesn't manufacture these items. LightHound carried these slick Ti bits for a while under the Tibetan Ti label. Then  carried it as a 700ml pot branded with their logo for many years. Now TOAKS says it is a 750ml pot even though it's the same size. 

I really liked the idea of the Snow Peak Mini Solo so I could nest both my pot and cup with my Nalgene but it cost quite a bit more. I own the GSI Glacier and found it is too small (18oz), much heavier (5.2oz) and doesn't come with a lid. The GSI is much cheaper and made of steel.

Got Specs:
Weight       141 grams (3.9 oz)
Diameter    3 3/4 inches
Height        4 3/8 inches
Capacity     750ml (25oz) or is it 700ml? 

What Wins:
  1. Ti! Titanium is God's metal. This means it is light and strong.
  2. Fit & Finish! TOAKS (or their manufacturer) has made their Ti 750ml pot better than previous distributors. This mug/pot was always great for nesting nicely my Nalgene bottle inside but the lid never fit quite right. This time the lid is spot on! The overall quality control - subtle but distinct differences which are hard to put your finger on - seems much higher. (Notice the fit of the lid in the pic.)
  3. Nesting! My Nalgene fits perfectly.

What Fails:
  1. Carrying Case! The version came with a longer carry case which had an internal pocket for an included Ti spork which would hold the pot/mug as well as the Nalgene (See pic). I really like the idea of a self-contained food/water kit so for the TOAKS model I purchased a Condor H2O pouch which nicely holds holds the TOAKS mug (lid on the bottom or top) along with the Vargo Ti Triad stove in the pocket. I can now carry everything I need for a day hike with a hot lunch/coffee. But this option is much heavier!

  1. I'll likely throw away the small carrying case as it won't hold my Nalgene anyway.
Other notes:
  1. It's slightly larger in diameter (maybe .5 mm) than the GSI Glacier stainless cup/pot.
  2. Upon request I've updated this review with a pic comparing the TOAKS with the GSI.

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