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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Condor H2O Pouch


I LOVE my new Condor H2O Pouch! It is perfect for day hikes, excursions from base camp and emergency kits. It carries everything I need to stay hydrated on the trail and make a hot lunch with cup of hot tea. I can even carry it around in the city for a hot "Cup O Noodles" in the park without looking like a tool.

Combine the Condor H2O with some of my other favorite kit such as the TOAKS Ti Pot and Vargo Ti stove and I'm good to go.

Yes, this is essentially the same as the Maxpedition Bottle Holder for 1/2 the price! Plus, the Condor H2O comes with Molle compatible straps to attach to your belt or pack straps. These must be purchased separately for the Maxpedition.
Got Specs:
Weight       Unknown. Too heavy for UL backpacking.
Diameter    4.25"
Height        10"
Pocket        6-1/2"H x 4"W x 1"D

All of this in one pouch!
What Wins:
  1. Modular! I'm a follower of philosophy of modularity. I can strap this on the outside of my pack, tuck it away inside my luggage or just leave it in my closet and I'm ready to go on a hike with a hot meal or beverage at a moments notice.
  2. Capacity! The Condor H2O Pouch easily holds my Nalgene,
    TOAKS Ti Pot and Vargo Triad Ti stove, Vargo windscreen, LMF Ti spork, Sea To Summit X-Cup, 2 Esbit tablets (as fuel backup), 2 oz fuel bottle and green scratch pad (works for both cleaning up afterward and a hot handle grabber), Bic lighter and a few tea bags.
  3. Hydration Port! The Condor will nicely hold a Camelbak 50 oz Antidote Replacement Reservoir in place of a Nalgene and has a hydration port on the top for the tube. I haven't found a time when I felt I really needed to use this over a traditional Camelbak...
  4. Price! The Condor is half the price of the Maxpedition. If there's a quality difference I haven't found it. Sorry Max fans...
  5. Straps! Comes with Molle straps (but not shoulder strap).
Stove, Windscreen, Spork, Fuel, Lighter & More!
What Fails:
  1. Diameter. Just a tad tight to easily remove my TOAKS Ti Pot. It works but takes some finagling. My Olicamp cup fits perfectly. Maybe my pot is too big...
  2. Tacticool! Way too much Molle and only in tacticool colors. Many years in the military and I still don't see why they have to cover every square inch in this stuff. I understand the need for Molle on one side - maybe even two - but are you really going to strap a pouch on your pouch? Unnecessary weight.

  1. It did NOT come with the shoulder strap pictured. But at least it has D rings to attach one if desired.

Other notes:
  1. I put my TOAKS Ti Pot lid on top of my Sea To Summit X-Cup in the top of the pouch and it stays in place and out of the way until I need it (see picture).
  2. I carry my LFM Ti spork with this kit so I can burn alcohol in it and use it as a priming pan for the Vargo Triad. This works particularly well in the winter!

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